Fly Fishing Lessons

You do not need to be good at fly casting to catch fish. You do, however, have a higher chance of catching fish if you know how to cast. Learning how to cast a fly properly will increase the satisfaction and enjoyment of fly fishing.

At Fishlander Pontoons and Custom Tackle, you will have the opportunity to learn the proper techniques for you to enjoy the sport of fly fishing.

“Casting Made Easy” is a program created to teach the beginner the fundamentals of fly casting. It is designed so that people who have never fly fished before or for a beginner to improve their skill.

Single Handed Casting Lessons

 1 person  $150.00  3 hours
 2 to 3 people  $300.00  3 hours
 4 people  $700.00  4 hours

Double Handed Casting Lessons

1 person

3 hours

$ 200

 2 to 3 people  3 to 4 hours

$ 400

Rods and reels are included for you to practice on or you can bring your own.

Course Summary

  1. Discussion about equipment
  2. Basic Knots
  3. General fly fishing
  4. Basic set-up of the rod, reel, line, leaders and tippets
  5. Explaining the mechanics of casting
  6. Target Cast
  7. The Roll Cast
  8. The False Cast

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