Inflatable Pontoon, Fishing Rod & Accessory Rentals

Nothing beats going fishing on a Fishlander pontoon boat.

We are sorry, but rental program is temporary discontinued until farther notice.

At Fishlander Pontoons and Custom Tackle, we believe that access is everything. Any angler can choose to fish from the bank, but wouldn’t you rather be in the game than on the sidelines? When you rent one of our pontoon boats, you get worry-free access so you can concentrate on fishing. Whitewater-quality valves, lightweight frames and heavy-duty pontoons are built for years of hardcore angling. We invite you to check out the durability and performance of our lake and river fishing boats, boat accessories and trip gear and see why so many anglers choose Fishlander Pontoons.

As of next spring we will be offering new models for rental as well multiple person boats.

Pontoon Boats

Vessel 1-2 days 3-6days 7 days and up
Scout Frameless $19.00/day $17.50/day $15.00/day
Puffin 8′ $25.00/day $22.00/day $16.00/day
Hawk 9′ $38.00/day $30.00/day $22.00/day
 Eagle 11′  $41.00/day  $32.00/day  $24.00/day
Albatross  11′ $44.00/day $35.50/day $26.00/day

Accessory Rentals

Description 1-2 days 3-6 days 7 days and up
Electric Trolling Motor, battery, charger $11.50/day $8.50/day $6.50/day
Breatheable Waders $5.50/day $4.50/day $3.50/day
Flippers/Fins $3.00/day $3.00/day $3.00/day
Wading Shoes $3.00/day $3.00/day $3.00/day
Landing  Net $2.00/day $2.00/day $2.00/day
Electric Pump $1.50/day 1.50/day 1.50/day
Anchor $1.50/day $1.50/day $1.50/day

Please Note: Valid Credit Card and photo ID required with each rental

We also offer Drop of and Pick up with charge of $0.60 per kilometer

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