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Welcome to our Special Features Page!

Fishlander Pontoons and Custom Tackle is reviewing and trying new fishing products on a regular basis. We have developed several fly fishing products on our own which will be available in beginning of season 2014.

Our sample products are competitively priced so you can get good quality products at a very low price. Because of these low prices, product availability can be limited. 

Our new web site FP-Fly Fishing Tackle will be available in spring 2014. This site will have all the information on available fly fishing product we have to offer.



  • Fly, Switch and Spay Rods
  • Fly Fishing Reels
  • Fly lines and Skagit Lines
  • Tippets and Leaders
  • Fly Boxes
  • Fly Patterns
  • Fly Fishing Apparel
  • Fly Fishing Tools and Tackle
 Ice Maden  Sirius V Beauty shot  Backpack and Chest bag Backing Line Beauty Shot 
 Poseidon V Series Beauty Shot  net  Multi-colored Clippers  Fly Boxes Different Sizes
 Fly Line Green - Beauty Shot  Poseidon U Series Beauty Shot  black fly reel with smooth drag  Fishing Tools

 Contact us for detailed list and availability of the products. Some items are priced at
60% below retail value.  Complete list with images is available upon request.